Hello, and thank you for your booking!

We would like to wish you a warm welcome to Enångers Bed and Breakfast. You will have received the most important information about your booking in the confirmation e-mail that we sent you. The following is general information that we hope will help you plan your stay with us! If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on telephone + 46 650-550125 or via e-mail enangerbb@hotmail.se. We will be happy to help with any queries.

Our guest entrance (the door closest to the road) requires a code for entry, and you will receive the code on the day of arrivel, by textmessage. Once you have entered via this door you will find a notice board on the wall which states which room you will be staying in.

If you have any particular requirements as regards sleeping arrangements; eg. a double bed or two singles, we would prefer to be told about this in advance of your arrival. If you are travelling with children or pets we also need to be informed about this in advance.

We are able to offer accommodation in three guest bedrooms within our home. The guest rooms are all accessed via the separate entrance that requires a code for entry. Needless to say all the guest rooms also have their own separate locks. In the common areas for guests there are a separate toilet and a combined toilet/shower room. Guests also have access to a small kitchen area with microwave, electric kettle and refrigerator.

Please note that the facilities for cooking are restricted to the microwave oven. There is only  enough crockery for lighter snacks. Space within the fridge is also restricted. Feel free to ask us about local places to dine. The number of restaurants and their opening times varies depending on the time of year.

For a fee there is the possibility to get laundry done. A tumble dryer is also available.

Breakfast is either served at 8 am on weekdays or 8.30 am at weekends, eaten together with ourselves, or you can collect a ready made “breakfast box” from the refrigerator. If you plan to arrive later than 9 pm we would prefer to be informed about this in advance. If no arrangements have been made about breakfast and you arrive after 9 pm, we will prepare a breakfast box for you.

If you arrive by car you will leave the motorway at exit 211 Enånger and then head towards Enånger. When you arrive at a four way crossing after approximately one kilometer you continue straight ahead. (Some SatNavs will tell you to take the previous exit.) Once in the town centre you will see the grocery shop “Coop Nära” on your left, and a pizzeria. Turn to the right here. After a couple of hundred metres you will pass the creek known as Enångerån and immediately afterwards, on your right, there is a yellow house; Enångers Bed and Breakfast, directly opposite the Enångers Old Church.

There are parking spaces available in our yard. We also have facilities to park larger vehicles (please inform us in advance if you arrive in a larger vehicle than a car).

The local points of interest include the Enångers Old Church and the Borka Pier. If you would like further suggestions on local attractions please feel free to ask us.

Ingemar and Marie