We want to take a long-term environmentally responsible approach with our renovations and improvements, and we want to preserve the authenticity of our property.

We therefore incorporate, wherever possible, the use of materials, building techniques and knowledge from a hundred years ago, as well adhering to modern environmental standards.

The property

The main building

We have maintained and renovated the old metal roof . A concession to modernity is that all the new plating is double seamed.

The old fascia plates, which rusted through, have been replaced with new, identical components.

All gutters have been replaced with new, period tubes.

The exterior panelling has been renewed with replacement panels of the original specification.

All windows have been refurbished by a local carpenter, to the original design, except that where there were simple outer arches , we have supplemented them with inner arches. In addition, we have chosen coupled double glazing.

All exterior materials, except for the roof, are coated with old fashioned linseed oil .

Inside, we started installing large and efficient electric radiators, but realized that maybe this would not create the optimal environment . Therefore, we have removed all of them and instead installed geothermal heating. It is not typical for the period, but the house has previously been equipped with hot water central heating and using geothermal heating, we avoid a large part of the environmental impact of handling and burning wood.

Two wood-burning stoves and a kitchen wood-burning range cooker remain. Firstly, they provide  security against power outages and secondly, they provide significant extra coziness when desired.

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